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Ovalhouse now Brixton House ran and continue to run a range of programmes for young people. As their Truth About Youth Producer and subsequent associate producer I delivered a mentoring programme for their Young Associates to learn about producing and event management. The young associates then implemented their learning and developed their skills through programming and producing LIVE NIGHT! Each group of young associates brought their own skills and ideas which mean no two events were the same. These young associates have since gone on to become artists, writers, producers and arts professionals. For more information on Brixton House and their projects please visit

"Passing on skills and knowledge is a privilege and I love to share my experiences to help others learn and forge their own career paths. Organisations such as Brixton House are vital for ensuring that young people have access to opportunities. Working with a group of young people over a period of time allows for real growth and development and I always aim to help break down industry barriers to enable participants to confidently pursue their goals."

Maeve O'Neill, October 2020

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