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1 DJ, 1 Crowd and 1 journey.  
An experience beyond the theatre and beyond the dance floor.  
A space 4 the wordless. But these are words.

And this is where it gets confusing.
Basslinez are easier to understand.
Come together - dance - let go
1 luv

The Rave Space: an interactive dance floor experience accessible to all.


Created by Will Dickie

Performed by Will Dickie, Chris Collins, Hayley Hill

Design by Marty Langthorne

Dramaturgy & Additional Direction by Peader Kirk

Project Coordination by Maeve O'Neill

Supported by Heart n Soul, Camden People's Theatre and South Street Reading

Funded by Arts Council England


Special thanks to Jesal Padia, Jonny Wharton, Angie, Rev Gareth Wardell, Kate, Jamie, Bante Bodhidharma

The Rave Space began in 2016 at Camden Peoples Theatre and toured in 2017 to Bedford, Reading, Cork and Hull. The Rave Space continues it's journey led by Will Dickie. Will is a maker working across dance, theatre & live art, motivated by the richness & value of audience experience. Using body, autobiography & place, he creates soulful performances for site & stage. Find out more about The Rave Space and other projects here:

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